Abuja Celebrity Wedding

Let’s Celebrate with the people’s Man, on Air Personality, Mr. Peterson AKA Suga Suga of 104.5 Love FM Abuja. As he say I do and retired from the Bachelor Hood on the 25th July, 2020 Mogadishu Cantonment Abacha Barracks. I will be there, please be there. If we no Celebrate Suga Suga Wetin we gain, See you.

Evelyn and Peterson

President: Elvis Brown

Ice Records Media

Celebrity News Updates

The Abuja base upcoming fast rising Crooner Singer Jenp@t de Diva, De Ogoja Godess is born today.

Let’s celebrates the Ice Records Media Diva, JENP@T as she add today. (+1)
May this day bring countless happiness and endless joy and live with peace and serenity.
May the industry favour you, May you soar higher, you’re a product of grace, May you go places. May you make your family proud.
May the God almighty shower his choicest blessings on you.

De Diva,Ogoja Goddess:Jenp@t

The Bigger Picture behind the Musical Career.

What you need to know about Music.

By Elvis Brown the President of Ice Records Media.
So many artiste wonder why they don’t get to succeed in the Nigerian Music industry and most times they feel they are cursed not to succeed but trust me if you work wisely (work hard) & take advantage of every positive opportunity you would be just more than your expectation.
Currently record labels are going through a lot of challenges as many signed and successful artiste ask for Cars, houses forgetting the most important thing which is Promotion .
After these record labels have spent a lot of money to get the artist to limelight and successful at the end of the day these artiste back out of the record deal a year or two with the mindset of been cheated upon with the percentage share & with the feeling of “YES!!! I can do it now alone they can go f*#‎k‬ themselves and stop making money from my effort” but they forgetting the spotlight opportunity that was given to them by these record label while they were ripping off the effort of the label boss or whoever believed so much in them & gave them the Spotlight . They probably would have been in the same upcoming artiste level till they finally give up. Now that’s not the issue though let me outline some important issues why most Nigerian artiste fail..next update………….!

The Mr. President: Elvis Brown of Ice Records Media.

Celebrity News Update

Today mark a year plus to the almighty MC PRINCIPAL, a Comedian, Actor, Event Planner and Entertainment Guru. From all of us at Ice Records Media we say Happy Birthday and Congratulations for adding a member to the family, this year is indeed for you MC Principle. On the picture attached the details for the Birthday are there. Let’s meet there see you.

From: Elvis Brown, The President of Ice Records Media.